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Recognition of three dimensional (3D) objects in noisy and cluttered scenes is a challenging problem in 3D computer vision. One approach that has been successful in past research is the regional shape descriptor. In this paper, we introduce two new regional shape descrip-tors: 3D shape contexts and harmonic shape contexts. We evaluate the performance of(More)
Mutation in the gene encoding the recently isolated WASP protein has now been identified as the genetic defect responsible for the X-linked Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome (WAS), a primary immunodeficiency disease associated with extensive phenotypic variability. To elucidate the range of WASP mutations responsible for WAS, we used PCR-SSCP analysis to screen for(More)
—One of the premier applications on the global Inter-net is browsing the World Wide Web. The advent of advanced browser-enabled cell phones, high-speed wireless networks, and " unlimited-data " pricing plans is fueling the demand for Web access on mobile devices. Further, there is an increasing amount of content in the mobile Web, the set of web pages(More)
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