Ravi Gupta

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Far Westerns with digoxigenin-conjugated protein phosphatase-1 (PP1) catalytic subunit identified PP1-binding proteins in extracts from bovine, rat, and human brain. A major 70-kDa PP1-binding protein was purified from bovine brain cortex plasma membranes, using affinity chromatography on the immobilized phosphatase inhibitor, microcystin-LR. Mixed peptide(More)
G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) play a vital role in different biological processes, such as regulation of growth, death, and metabolism of cells. GPCRs are the focus of significant amount of current pharmaceutical research since they interact with more than 50% of prescription drugs. The dipeptide-based support vector machine (SVM) approach is the most(More)
We propose a novel Design for Testability technique to apply two pattern tests for path delay fault testing. Due to stringent timing requirements of deep-submicron VLSI chips, design-for-test schemes have to be tailored for detecting stuck-at as well as delay faults quickly and efficiently. Existing techniques such as enhanced scan add substantial hardware(More)
UNLABELLED Bioinformatics has emerged as an integral part of life sciences and biomedical research. The bioinformatics tools developed so far exist individually and do not cross talk leading biologists to spend more time in formatting the output from one tool as input for another tool. This leads to huge loss of time and cost. We herein have made platform(More)