Ravi Bhargava

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Nested paging is a hardware solution for alleviating the software memory management overhead imposed by system virtualization. Nested paging complements existing page walk hardware to form a two-dimensional (2D) page walk, which reduces the need for hypervisor intervention in guest page table management. However, the extra dimension also increases the(More)
This work studies the performance impact of return value prediction in a system that supports speculative method-level parallelism (SMLP). A SMLP system creates a speculative thread at each method call. This allows the method and the code from which it is called to be executed in parallel. To improve performance, the return values of methods are predicted(More)
This work examines dynamic cluster assignment for a clustered trace cache processor (CTCP). Previously proposed cluster assignment techniques run into unique problems as issue width and cluster count increase. Realistic design conditions, such as variable data forwarding latencies between clusters and a heavily partitioned instruction window, increase the(More)
OBJECTIVE Intracranial extension of infection represents a serious complication of sinusitis but with no clearly documented prevalence. The frontal sinus with its unique anatomical characteristics, has been singled out as a catalyst for intracranial spread, but without solid evidence. Our objective was to determine the prevalence of intracranial(More)
Many current general purpose processors are using extensions to the instruction set architecture to enhance the performance of digital signal processing (DSP) and multimedia applications. In this paper, we evaluate the X86 architecture's multimedia extension (MMX) instruction set on a set of benchmarks. Our benchmark suite includes kernels ( ltering, fast(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the life altering issues that survivors of a head and neck cancer report post treatment and discuss multidimensional rehabilitation approaches. DATA SOURCES Published journal articles, literature reviews, research reports, book chapters. CONCLUSION Survivors and their family caregivers encounter many changes during the first 3(More)
Patients with Leigh syndrome classically present in early childhood with developmental regression, ataxia, and hypotonia with subsequent respiratory and brainstem dysfunction. However, the clinical presentation can be highly variable. This report presents five cases of Leigh syndrome with atypical presentations. The first patient is a 17-month-old female(More)
This work addresses the issues of access latency and energy consumption in value predictor design for high-frequency, wide-issue microprocessors. Previous value prediction research allows for generous assumptions regarding table configurations and access conditions, while ignoring prediction latencies and energy issues. However, the latency of a(More)
T2-weighted MR imaging of soft tissue tumors of neural origin may show round lesions with a central hypointensity and a hyperintense rim resembling a target. We define the “target sign” as a mass consisting of a solitary target, or a multicompartmental mass in which the largest component consists of multiple targets. The objective of this study was to(More)
PURPOSE To define retrospectively a normal range for lung-to-liver signal intensity ratio (LLSIR) in fetuses of 16-40 weeks gestation by using half-Fourier single-shot turbo spin-echo magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. MATERIALS AND METHODS Approval from the regional ethics review board for retrospective evaluation was obtained, and informed consent was(More)