Ravi Apte

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PURPOSE To examine the effect of anti-LFA-1 and anti-ICAM-1 antibody treatment on orthotopic corneal graft survival in a mouse model. METHODS Anti-LFA-1 and anti-ICAM-1 antibodies were administered intraperitoneally before and shortly after orthotopic corneal transplantation. Grafts were observed by biomicroscopy, and survival times were determined.(More)
PURPOSE To study the effect of aqueous humor (AH)-mediated inhibition of natural killer (NK) cell activity on intraocular tumor progression. METHODS Two NK-sensitive tumors, RMA-S lymphoma and OCM-3 uveal melanoma, were tested in vitro for susceptibility to NK cell-mediated lysis in the presence or absence of AH in conventional cytotoxicity assays.(More)
PURPOSE This study examined the effect of an angiostatic agent on the growth of a highly vascularized intraocular tumor. METHODS A murine uveal melanoma cell line (99E1) was transplanted intracamerally into athymic nude BALB/c mice. Mice were treated topically three times per day beginning on the day of tumor transplantation and continuing through day 28.(More)
This paper describes an integrated pair of tools - one designed for Timing Verification and the other designed for Logic Simulation - in a multi-level, mixed mode description environment. Historically, Logic Simulators and Timing Verifiers have been used for different types of verification, due to an inherent weakness in each. Particularly, Logic simulators(More)
A general algorithm is presented for consistency checking between schematics. A transistor level schematic is partitioned into functional blocks by tracing direct current paths. The first level consistency check is performed on the directed graphs constructed from these functional blocks. A recursive, graph matching algorithm is introduced to find signal(More)
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