Ravi A. Athale

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An examination of recent trends in imaging reveals a movement toward systems that balance processing between optics and electronics. Imaging applications include conventional imaging to produce visually pleasing images, special purpose imaging whose output is also an image but with enhanced characteristics, and functional imaging to produce information(More)
A time-integrating correlator based on techniques of fiber-optic delay-line signal processing is described. We show that the time-integrating architecture does not suffer from limitations associated with previously demonstrated space-integrating fiber-optic correlators. Experimental results from an eight-channel time-integrating correlator are presented,(More)
A mathematical model for incorporating controllable nonlinearity in the correlation domain of a conventional associative memory is described. Such a mechanism provides the flexibility of rapidly and arbitrarily changing the strengths of the stored states in an associative memory. Such a feature corresponds to shifting of attention in psychological terms.(More)
High accuracy optical processors based on the algorithm of digital multiplication by analog convolution (DMAC) are studied for ultimate performance limitations. Variations of optical processors that perform high accuracy vector-vector inner products are studied in abstract and with specific examples. It is concluded that the use of linear analog optical(More)
We analyze the performance of two optical shadow-casting image correlators that use two-dimensional source arrays to encode the system point-spread function (PSF). The analysis of a standard shadowcasting correlator suggests that the angular divergence of the source array is a critical parameter in the determination of the maximum space-bandwidth product of(More)