Raveendran Muthuswamy

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Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) infection results in endothelial dysfunction, typically known as dysregulated apoptosis, and aberrant expression and sub-cellular localization of p53, a tumor suppressor that accumulates at the late stage of infection. In this study, we examined three hypotheses that could be responsible for HCMV-induced cytoplasmic p53(More)
of Chimerism Analysis Data. a. Simulated distributions of the proportion of allele A reads out of the total number of reads at a locus for a marmoset with chimeric fraction Φ BLOCKIN BLOCKIN = 0.33 (green) and BLOCKIN BLOCKIN Φ BLOCKIN BLOCKIN = 0 (i.e., not chimeric; yellow). b. Standard deviation in the proportion of allele A reads across loci vs.(More)
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