Raveendra Holla

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Current standard security practices do not provide substantial assurance about information flow security: the end-to-end behavior of a computing system. Noninterference is the basic semantical condition used to account for information flow security. In the literature, there are many definitions of noninterference: Non-inference, Separabil-ity and so on.(More)
We show that the expressiveness of Timed Propositional Temporal Logic (TPTL) [1] with the since operator, coincides for the pointwise and continuous semantics. We do this by first going over to an equivalent first-order logic with linear constraints, interpreted over timed words. We then show that the two semantics coincide for this first-order logic, by(More)
We consider a first-order logic with linear constraints which can be interpreted naturally in both a pointwise or continuous way over timed words. We show that the two interpretations of this logic coincide in terms of expressive-ness. As a consequence it follows that the pointwise and continuous semantics of the logic TPTL with the since operator [2] also(More)
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