Raushan Kumar

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On the lines of the huge and varied efforts in the field of automation with respect to technology development and innovation of vehicles to make them run on electric power and moreover autonomously, this paper presents a research and innovation applied to a bicycle. A normal daily-use bicycle has been modified at low-cost such that it runs autonomously,(More)
We propose a method for interactive object segmentation using a single touch provided on the foreground object. The `extent' of the foreground object is estimated by a random walk technique designed on the salient edge representation of the image. The final image segmentation is performed under graph-cut framework. The accuracy of proposed method is(More)
Accurate segmentation of humans from live videos is an important problem to be solved in developing immersive video experience. We propose to extract the human segmentation information from color and depth cues in a video using multiple modeling techniques. The prior information from human skeleton data is also fused along with the depth and color models to(More)
MANETs is a collection of mobile nodes. There infrastructure is neither fixed nor has any control station. So it is affected by various types of malicious attack. AODV is a standard MANETs protocol so every malicious node tries to attack on this routing protocol. A black hole attack is a type of malicious attack in which black hole node replies to route(More)
Centric Query Processing in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network is the new emerging area of wireless sensor network which provides better interaction with physical world in effective and efficient manner. Previous work provides interaction between homogeneous wireless sensor network. In this paper, we have proposed a centric query processing approach(More)
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