Rauno Tuhkanen

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Regular expressions with numerical occurrence indicators (#REs) are used in established text manipulation tools like Perl and Unix egrep, and in the recent W3C XML Schema Definition Language. Numerical occurrence indicators do not increase the expressive power of regular expressions, but they do increase the succinctness of expressions by an exponential(More)
Regular expressions with numeric occurrence indicators are an extension of traditional regular expressions, which let the required minimum and the allowed maximum number of iterations of subexpressions be described with numeric parameters. We consider the problem of testing whether a given regular expression E with numeric occurrence indicators is(More)
XML Schema uses an extension of traditional regular expressions for describing allowed contents of document elements. Iteration is described through numeric attributes <b>minOccurs</b> and <b>maxOccurs</b> attached to content-describing elements such as <b>sequence</b>, <b>choice</b>, and <b>element</b>. These numeric(More)
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