Rauno Pirinen

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Five to seven percent of lung tumours are estimated to occur because of occupational asbestos exposure. Using cDNA microarrays, we have earlier detected asbestos exposure-related genomic regions in lung cancer. The region at 2p was one of those that differed most between asbestos-exposed and non-exposed patients. Now, we evaluated genomic alterations at(More)
A series of 198 female breast cancer biopsies were analysed immunohistochemically for the expression of epidermal growth factor (EGF), with special emphasis on its prognostic significance. A total of 67/198 tumours (33.8%) were EGF-positive, 24 (12%) of which showed strong expression of EGF. EGF was usually expressed in the cytoplasm of the cancer cells(More)
The research question of this study is: How Integration Readiness Level (IRL) metrics can be understood and realized in the domain of border control information systems. The study address to the IRL metrics and their definition, criteria, references, and questionnaires for validation of border control information systems in case of the shared maritime(More)
One of the important functions of higher education institution is to contribute of knowledge transfers and research and development (R&D) related continuums between international research consortium, higher education institution, world of work, and government policy. In this study, knowledge transfers and R&D related continuums for high-value impacts in(More)
This study is addressing the question: how can sources of knowledge be understood and realized in externally funded research and development (R&D) projects. In this study, knowledge sources and transfers are concerned with identifying, creating, and disseminating of knowledge which is rooted in collaborative research settings and, in particular, in the(More)
This study discusses design theory with focus on critical digital information services that support collective service design targets in international over border environments. Designing security for such digital systems has been challenging because of the technologies that make up the systems for digital information sharing. More specifically, new advances(More)