Rauno Gordon

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Felbamate was compared with several antiepileptic drugs for protective effects in two rat models of status epilepticus. Felbamate was ten times more potent against pilocarpine-induced seizures in lithium-treated rats than in lithium-free animals. Diazepam, valproate and phenobarbital were effective in both the high dose pilocarpine and lithium-pilocarpine(More)
The anticonvulsant effects of felbamate alone or in combination with diazepam were investigated against maximal electroshock-, pentylenetetrazol-, isoniazid- and bicuculline-induced seizures in mice. A single subprotective dose of felbamate, a dose which offers no protection to animals when combined with diazepam, enhanced the protective effects of diazepam(More)
An electric circuit model describing an inductive sensor of cardiac mechanical activity in its working condition has been developed. The sensor comprises a single-turn coil which is fed by 7.7 MHz constant current and induces probing eddy currents in the body. The inductor is considered to be attached to the thoracic surface of a normal human male, in front(More)
Felbamate and selected compounds were evaluated for their ability to protect against N-methyl-D-aspartic acid (NMDA)-induced convulsions and lethality in mice. Convulsions produced by intracerebroventricular administration of NMDA (0.8 micrograms per mouse) were antagonized by felbamate, phenytoin, carbamazepine, phenobarbital, valproate, diazepam,(More)
Perceptual error in the Müller-Lyer and the Horizontal-Vertical illusions was quantified using nonparametric signal-detection measures of sensitivity and response bias. Sensitivity scores were positively related to signal strength with the greatest values observed for the strongest signals. Sensitivity at each signal strength did not differ between the two(More)
Repetitive remodeling and renewal of the cytoplasmic structures realizing synthesis of proteins accompanies the cycling of ground squirrels between torpor and arousal states during hibernation season. Earlier we have shown partial loss of ribosomes and nucleolus inactivation in CA3 hippocampal pyramidal neurons in each bout of torpor with rapid and full(More)
The design and construction of an RF coil system for use in MR breast imaging is described. The two-ring, tuned Helmholtz coil, with its axis perpendicular to the chest, surrounds a single pendant breast and is coupled both internally and to the MRI transmitter/receiver by mutual induction. The addition of two symmetrical RF shields minimizes losses in the(More)
Literature and our own data on structural and functional state of neocortex and hippocampus during both entrance in hibernation of ground squirrel (Spermophilus undulates) and Wistar rats in hypothermia were generalized. During hibernation when body temperature is about 2-4 degrees C the suppression of both bioelectrical and protein-synthesizing activity,(More)
We describe here an imaging system that uses bioimpedance spectroscopy with multi-electrode array to indicate the state of muscle flap regions under the array. The system is able to differentiate between different health states in the tissue and give early information about the location and size of ischemic sub-regions. The array will be 4*8 electrodes with(More)
The conditions of the protein-synthesizing system in neurons of the hippocampus (areas CA1 and C A3) and of the cortex (sensomotor region) in rats subjected to y-irradiation at a dose of 8 Gy under hypothermia (16 - 18 degrees C) and hypoxia-hypercapnia were investigated by fluorescent and electron microscopy. Under hypothermia, the protein-synthesizing(More)