Raul Santos

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In this paper we propose a modular structure to define communication acts with verbal and nonverbal elements inspired in the SAIBA model. Our modular structure is a conceptual interpretation of the functional features of a multimodal interaction platform we have developed, with an embodied conversational agent (ECA) that implements verbal and gestural(More)
Fluids in nanoscopic confinements possess a variety of unusual properties, and in particular, remarkable dynamical heterogeneities which vary on length scales as short as a fraction of a nanometer. While the surface forces apparatus provides an experimental probe of macroscopic properties of fluids in contact with atomically smooth solid surfaces, few(More)
In this paper a experiment is presented in which two simulated robots evolved a form of communication to allow one of the robots to complete the task of finding a light placed in the world. The robots are constrained so that one has inputs about the world, seeing robot, and the other, blind robot, has no sensors besides an input from the seeing robot. The(More)
In the present study, using noise-free stimulated signals, we performed a comparative examination of several preprocessing techniques that are used to transform the cardiac event series in a regularly sampled time series, appropriate for spectral analysis of heart rhythm variability (HRV). First, a group of noise-free simulated point event series, which(More)
This paper presents a performance analysis of topological and geographical multicast routing algorithms for mobile wireless ad hoc networks. Flooding and On-Demand Multicast Routing Protocol (ODMRP) are simulated and compared with two novels protocols proposed: Topological Multicast Routing Protocol (ToMuRo) and Geographical Multicast Routing Protocol(More)
The IEEE 802.16-2004 standard defines a medium access control (MAC) layer for a mesh network topology. In these networks, wide scale power outages can cause serious disruptions to digital services when centralized scheduling is used. This results in very long service recovery times for all mesh nodes. In this paper we propose a new recovery scheme and study(More)
This paper explores the use of embodied conversational agents (ECAs) to improve interaction with spoken language dialogue systems (SLDSs). For this purpose we have identified typical interaction problems with SLDSs and associated with each of them a particular ECA gesture or behaviour. User tests were carried out dividing the test users into two groups,(More)
This article examines the importance of wireless ad hoc networ�s and the Location Routing Algorithm with Cluster-Based Flooding (LORA-CBF) for inter-vehicular communication in the context of optimizing traffic flow and increasing motorway safety. The LORA-CBF routing algorithm is discussed and simulated in detail, considering a motorway environment with its(More)
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