Raul Rodriguez-Esteban

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We describe a new tool for visualization of biomedical scientific trends. The method captures variations in scientific impact over time to allow for a comparison of relative significance and evolution of fields similar to a financial market scorecard. The tool is available at SciTrends (http://www.scitrends.net), depicting the evolution of almost 200(More)
MOTIVATION A crucial phenomenon of our times is the diminishing marginal returns of investments in pharmaceutical research and development. A potential reason is that research into diseases is becoming increasingly complex, and thus more burdensome, for humans to handle. We sought to investigate whether we could measure research complexity by analyzing the(More)
The Oreja software package (available from www.liv.ac.uk/psychology/Downloads/Oreja.htm) was designed to study speech intelligibility. It is a tool that allows manipulation of speech signals to facilitate study of human speech perception. A feature of this package is that it uses a high-level interpreted scripting environment (MATLAB), allowing the user to(More)
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