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BACKGROUND The literature on acoustic measures of voice in depression is reviewed. Authors have separated results derived from studies of automatic speech, such as counting or reading, from free speech. Free speech requires cognitive activity such as word finding and discourse planning in addition to the motor activity of automatic speech. Also, results(More)
DSM IV includes three clusters of items that are used to establish diagnoses for the Disruptive Behavior Disorders: Attention Deficit, Conduct, and Oppositional Defiant. In this report, we examine the feasibility of using the items in each cluster to form a rating scale. We studied eighty-four consecutive school-aged referrals to an inner-city child and(More)
The stimulants have been the mainstay of pharmacologic treatment for over fifty years. Methylphenidate is the most frequently prescribed of the stimulant agents. In the past, one of the main drawbacks of these agents was the abbreviated duration of action. Over the last few years three longer acting methylphenidate preparations have been released to the(More)
Clinicians' rating of the negative syndrome of schizophrenia are highly correlated with the rate and duration of the patient's pauses. To test the degree to which pausing provides the cue for clinicians' impressions we selected audio recordings of interviews with schizophrenic patients who showed moderate levels of negative signs and, through the use of a(More)
With the events of September 11th, childhood trauma has come to the forefront of national attention. One of the common psychiatric outcomes of trauma is Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Despite the fact that certain vulnerabilities may contribute to the development of PTSD in traumatized youth, the existence of an identifiable stressor provides a(More)
ABSTRACT Two new cases are reported of persistent tardive dyskinesia associated with neuroleptic treatment of patients with Tourette's disorder. Previously, 44 cases were described in 8 published reports, including 36 children and adolescents, but diagnostic criteria were infrequently specified. In our review of these cases, using the criteria of Schooler(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to assess changes in symptomatology of attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) with extended-release dexmethylphenidate (d-MPHER) versus placebo in a laboratory classroom setting. METHODS This double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study randomized 54 children 6-12 years of age, stabilized on(More)
Depressed geriatric patients have lower levels of folate (FOL) than controls. Also, FOL supplement can reduce depressive morbidity. One hypothesis consistent with this is that FOL deficiency causes a lowering of CNS serotonin that contributes to depression. The present report is from one site of a multicenter study that compared an SSRI (sertraline) with a(More)
An Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) framework is presented for solving nonlinear structural mechanics problems by means of the Finite Element Method (FEM). Emphasis is placed on engineering applications (geometrically nonlinear beam model, and elastoplastic Cosserat continuum), and OOP is employed as an effective tool, which plays an important role in the(More)
OBJECTIVE This study compared once-daily dexmethylphenidate extended release (D-MPH-ER) 20 mg/day and placebo over 12 hours in children ages 6 to 12 with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in a laboratory classroom setting. METHOD All of the children were stabilized for > or =2 weeks on a total dose (nearest equivalent) MPH 40 mg/day or(More)