Raul Onrubia Ibáñez

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Soil moisture (SM) is a key parameter in the climate studies at a global scale and a very important parameter in applications such as precision agriculture at a local scale. The Global Navigation Satellite Systems Interference Pattern Technique (IPT) has proven to be a useful technique for the determination of SM, based on observations at vertical(More)
The paper deals with relations between the Hard Lefschetz property, (non)vanishing of Massey products and the evenness of odd-degree Betti numbers of closed symplectic manifolds. It is known that closed symplectic manifolds can violate all these properties (in contrast with the case of Kaehler manifolds). However, the relations between such homotopy(More)
In this paper we introduce cohomology and homology theories for NambuPoisson manifolds. Also we study the relation between the existence of a duality for these theories and the vanishing of a particular Nambu-Poisson cohomology class, the modular class. The case of a regular Nambu-Poisson structure and some singular examples are discussed. Mathematics(More)
Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)-Reflectometry (GNSS-R) has proved to be a useful technique for the estimation of Soil Moisture (SM). In the past 10 years, different techniques such as the Interference Pattern Technique (IPT), the Interferometric Complex Field (ICF) or power measurements of direct and reflected GNSS signals have been used. This(More)