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AIMS In order to evaluate differences between chickpea rhizobial populations from three geographical areas in southern Portugal (Beja, Elvas and Evora), isolates from the three regions were obtained and analysed. METHODS AND RESULTS The genetic characterization of the isolates was done by plasmid profiles and restriction analysis of the nifH gene.(More)
In a study relating geographic distribution ofAotus populations with karyotype and coat pattern,Hershkovitz (1983) suggested that this genus comprises nine species.A. vociferans (2n=46) is distributed along the left bank of the Maranon river, andA. nancymai (2n=54) along the right bank of the same river. In the present study we analyzed the karyotypes of(More)
Introduction. Penile carcinoma has traditionally been treated by either surgical amputation or radical radiotherapy, both associated with devastating anatomical, functional, and psychological impact on the patient's life. Innovative surgical techniques have focused on penile preservation in well-selected patients to minimize physical disfigurement and(More)
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