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The inland region of Galicia (NW Spain) marks the boundary between the Atlantic climate of the coastal area and the typical Mediterranean climate of central Spain. Compared to the Atlantic coast, climate in this area has a pronounced summer drought, lower annual precipitation, and higher annual thermal oscillation. Despite the high productivity and(More)
Maritime pine grows naturally under a wide range of climatic conditions, from strongly Atlantic to strongly Mediterranean. Aiming to improve our understanding of the genetic structure and inheritance of drought resistance strategies in the species, we conducted an environmentally controlled experiment to assess the genetic variation and plasticity to(More)
Pinus pinaster Ait. is found in the Iberian Peninsula under Mediterranean and Atlantic conditions. Both climates encounter each other in Galicia (NW Spain), where two bioclimatic regions can be differentiated: coastal and inland. A breeding program was launched in the coastal area, with two breeding and deployment areas delimited. We analyse plasticity(More)
Breast cancer can be diagnosed with an early training course by detecting the presence of microcalcifications in screening mammograms. The multiresolution analysis using discrete wavelet transform presents characteristics which can be exploited to develop tools for detection of microcalcifications. The objective of this work is to study the best type of(More)
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