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In this paper, we reflect on our experience of designing, developing and evaluating interactive spaces for collaborative creativity. In particular, we are interested in designing spaces which allow everybody to compose and play original music. The Music Room is an interactive installation where couples can compose original music by moving in the space.(More)
This paper presents The Music Room, an interactive installation where couples compose original music. The music is generated by Robin, an automatic composition system, according to relative distance between the users and the speed of their own movements. Proximity maps the pleasantness of music, while speed maps its intensity. The Music Room was exhibited(More)
OHR is a puzzle and platform game, based on both classical mechanics and tangible interaction, powered by Unity3D and a custom-built hardware interface called Radiant Square (Radiant2). OHR tells the tale of Spark, an electronic life form, which wakes up in an electronic components dump, trying to exit from it. Players will help Spark to solve puzzles(More)
Research on musical instrument design suggests that deliberate constraints can offer new creative experiences to the performer. At times, design constraints are physically embedded in the instrument to limit the interaction possibilities; in other cases the constraints are given by delegating part of the control to the machine. In this paper we propose a(More)
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