Raul Land

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Electrowetting is a phenomenon that has received increasing attention in recent years. It offers much promise for applications in lab-on-a-chip devices, liquid lenses, and optical displays. The contact angle can be controlled electrically facilitating the transport of liquid droplets by electrocapillary forces. This paper focuses on the requirements of the(More)
— Reliable, standard-based networking is one of the key enablers for mobile and ubiquitous health monitoring. In particular, multi-hop IPv6-based wireless sensor body area network is one of the most attractive candidates for true internet of things in healthcare. This paper describes a proposal for a modular system comprising 6LoWPAN communication modules,(More)
The paper proposes a wearable multimodal data acquisition system for biological signals. The system enables logging of electrical bioimpedance signals from multiple electrodes, electrocardiographic signals (ECG), acceleration signals from multiple locations, and spirometric data from a moving object. Later it will be used to conduct field measurements for(More)
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