Raul Land

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Extracellular local field potentials (LFPs) and multiunit activity (MUA) reflect the spatially integrated activity of multiple neurons in a given cortical structure. In the cat and primate visual cortices, these signals exhibit selectivity for visual stimulus features, such as orientation, direction of motion or spatial frequency. In the mouse visual(More)
When an organization faces new types of collaboration, for example after a company merger, there is a need to integrate the existing software. Important challenges are how to create a realistic vision of a future integrated system, how to make the vision concrete enough to be able to work towards the vision, and of course to carry out the actual integration(More)
Component-Based Software Engineering (CBSE) promises an improved ability to reuse software which would potentially decrease the development time while also improving the quality of the system, since the components are (re-)used by many. However, CBSE has not been as successful in the embedded systems domain as in the desktop domain, partly because(More)
Method of time domain impedance spectroscopy using of rectangular wave chirp excitation is presented in the paper. Effectiveness of the excitation is high - more than 85% of the generated energy lies in the useful excitation bandwidth, which can cover several decades of frequency. Fast measurement and joint time-frequency analysis of dynamic impedances is(More)
Electro-mechanical impedance and its variations, measured with piezo-sensors as a function of frequency, indicate the conditions and changes in the structures of materials and can be used for structural health monitoring. Available impedance measurement solutions have very limited features and performance or are bulky and costly and not supporting real-time(More)
Using of chirp-type excitations for the fast broadband measurement and estimation of the complex bioimpedance is discussed in this paper. The proposed method includes cross-correlation of the excitation (reference) and response signals with a subsequent Fourier analysis of the obtained correlation function. It is shown that the phase response can be(More)
Electrowetting is a phenomenon that has received increasing attention in recent years. It offers much promise for applications in lab-on-a-chip devices, liquid lenses, and optical displays. The contact angle can be controlled electrically facilitating the transport of liquid droplets by electrocapillary forces. This paper focuses on the requirements of the(More)
Information systems are continuously evolved for a very long time. Problems with evolving such systems stem from insufficient or outdated documentation, people no longer being available, different (often old) hardware and software technologies being interconnected, and short-term solutions becoming permanent. Crucial for successful evolution of information(More)
The impedance analyzers are widely used to measure, test and validate the properties of the materials, tissues, electrical and electronics networks etc. To make simple power-and cost-efficient device for real-time dynamical measurements in the wide frequency range, special binary waveforms excitation signals can be used, covering the desired spectrum(More)