Raul L. de Lacerda Neto

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— Ultra-WideBand (UWB) has been recently presented as a promising radio technology due to the large band-width available. This feature enables point to point high data rates at short range as well as high temporal resolution with long Channel Impulse Responses (CIR). Due to the their large bandwidth, UWB systems enables high temporal resolution with long(More)
This paper investigates the situation where a (large) group of terminals can be connected simultaneously to several base stations using distinct wireless technologies. We introduce and solve the problem of optimally sharing the mobile transmit power between different systems. Key results from asymptotic random matrix theory (when the number of users and the(More)
In this paper, a unified framework for Ultra-Wideband channel (UWB channel) modeling based on the maximum entropy approach is provided. For a given set of constraints, a consistent model which takes into account the information at hand is obtained. Two cases are considered: channel power knowledge and knowledge of the covariance matrix. The channel power(More)
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