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For Alzheimer's disease treatment trials that focus on the pre-dementia stage of disease, outcome measures are needed that will enable assessment of disease progression in patients who are clinically normal. The EU/US CTAD Task Force, an international collaboration of investigators from industry, academia, non-profit foundations, and regulatory agencies,(More)
  • Telecom Advisory Services, Llc, Authors, Raul Katz
  • 2014
Information (New York). He is also an Expert Affiliate at Telecom Advisory Services LLC. He has previously worked with the European Investment Bank, LECG, the ICAP Group and other major telecommunications' equipment vendors. The following study was funded by the General Secretariat of Orange with the support of Orange Mali. The views expressed in the report(More)
Assuming that, given the processes of technology diffusion, adolescent behavior forecasts future consumption of digital information, it would seem pertinent to study the characteristics of teenager technology use. This research asks: What are the key patterns regarding the use of technology platforms by teenagers? Is technology usage among teenagers shaped(More)
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