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A 61-year-old female presented with a right transudative pleural effusion in the absence of ascites and other stigmata of chronic liver disease. A diagnosis of cirrhosis with a secondary hydrothorax was eventually established; however, ascites could never be demonstrated clinically or radiographically until just before her death, when hypertonic saline was(More)
In a double-blind (patient and evaluator), crossover study effects of real acupuncture, simulated acupuncture, nebulized isoproterenol, nebulized saline and no treatment in reversing methacholine-induced bronchospasm were compared in 12 asthmatics (ages 16 to 64). Saline and simulated acupuncture did not result in any significant improvement in specific(More)
Thirty-one patients with avascular necrosis of the hip were treated by 34 total hip arthroplasties (THAs). All patients were observed prospectively with a minimum two-year follow-up evaluation (average, 46 months; range, 24-84 months). Twenty had cemented arthroplasties using contemporary cementing techniques. This included insertion of a medullary plug,(More)
Assuming that, given the processes of technology diffusion, adolescent behavior forecasts future consumption of digital information, it would seem pertinent to study the characteristics of teenager technology use. This research asks: What are the key patterns regarding the use of technology platforms by teenagers? Is technology usage among teenagers shaped(More)