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According to current concepts, it is not feasible to associate achlorhydria with normal gastric mucosa. We have found in a group of high altitude dwellers, that it is possible to associate achlorhydria with normal gastric mucosa verified by endoscopic and histological studies. In this case, basal achlorhydria is associated with resistance to histamine(More)
This study evaluates the response of the gastric mucosa to pentagastrin in a group (HAG) of 17 andean subjects compared to a similar group of 17 subjects at sea level (LAG). Both groups had normal fundic, body and antrum mucosa as demonstrated by endoscopic and histological means. Each group underwent two assays, the first one with a dose of 6 micrograms/kg(More)
31 currently dating adolescent couples reported on their own and their partners' use of Verbal Aggression, Physical Threats, and Physical Aggression during conflicts in the past year. Conversations of these couples were also videotaped during two 7 minutes Conflict Resolution Tasks. Instances of Verbal and Physical Aggression were coded. ! Boyfriends: "(More)
Between June 1983 and September 1987, 2799 disability pensions were given in the East Santiago Area, population 676,269. Of them, 222 (7.9%) were due to ophthalmological causes. Blindness as defined by the WHO was present in 57 cases. It was caused by myopia (33%), glaucoma (21%), diabetic retinopathy (9.8%), retinal detachment, cataract and optic atrophy(More)
One hundred and twelve primary posterior chamber intraocular lens implants from a series of 560 eyes operated on at the Eye Service of Hospital Salvador in Santiago, Chile, were analyzed to determine the postoperative visual acuity. The follow up time varied between 3 and 26 months. Lenses were implanted by experienced ophthalmologists and residents in(More)
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