Raul Heilbronner

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Preoperative and postoperative facial nerve and auditory function were reviewed retrospectively in 13 cases of cerebellopontine angle meningiomas. According to their location within the posterior fossa and with special reference to the internal auditory canal, they were classified into a premeatal and a retromeatal group. All the tumors were removed by an(More)
The first part of this work, published in 1988, included 25 patients who had computed tomographic (CT) scans without contrast enhancement and plain x-rays of the lumbar spine before, 1 week after, and 6 to 7 weeks after a successful operation for lumbar disc herniation. The present study extends the follow-up period to 3 years in 19 of the 25 original(More)
There are two distinct types of epithelial cells in the lining of the glandular acini of the prostate in adult male Beagle dogs, i.e., the columnar secretory epithelial cells and the basal cells. In contrast to the secretory epithelial cells, basal cells exhibit an abundance of micropinocytotic vesicles on their basal surface. Blood capillaries are often(More)
A morphometric procedure is presented, which allows quantitative information to be obtained from the epidermis at the light microscope level. The application of this procedure to human skin grafted to the nude mouse revealed acanthosis of the grafted epidermis compared to the original donor skin. All epidermal layers were thicker, but the increase in the(More)
In previous light and electron-microscopic analyses, human benign prostatic hyperplasia was shown to be predominantly a stromal disease. Smooth muscle cell activation and stromal overgrowth was achieved in beagle dogs following estrogen administration; this experiment indicates that estrogens play a role in the induction of stromal growth in the prostate.(More)
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