Raul Garcia

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This paper reviews the evidence for nicotine-induced acceleration of the internal clock when timing in the seconds-to-minutes timescale, and proposes an alternative explanation to this evidence: that nicotine reduces the threshold for responses that result in more reinforcement. These two hypotheses were tested in male Wistar rats using a novel timing task.(More)
Smoking is associated with an increased risk of tooth loss, but it is not known if this risk decreases significantly when individuals quit smoking. The objectives of this study were to describe the rates of tooth loss by smoking status in two populations of medically healthy men and women. Among the men, rates of tooth loss and edentulism in relation to(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify associations between periodontitis and incidence of cerebrovascular disease. METHODS We analyzed data of 1,137 dentate men in the Veterans Affairs Normative Aging and Dental Longitudinal Study who were followed with triennial medical/dental exams for up to 34 years (mean, 24 years). We evaluated incidence of cerebrovascular events(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between hearing acuity and tooth loss in 1156 US veterans taking part in the Veterans Affairs' Normative Aging (NAS) and Dental Longitudinal (DLS) Studies in the Boston, MA, area. The mean age was 48 years (SD = 8.9), 5.3% were edentulous, and 15.4% had < 17 teeth at(More)
BACKGROUND Four trials of interventions designed to prevent early childhood caries are using community-engagement strategies to improve recruitment of low-income, racial/ethnic minority participants. The trials are being implemented by 3 centers funded by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research and known as the Early Childhood Caries(More)
BACKGROUND Individuals previously exposed to lead remain at risk because of endogenous release of lead stored in their skeletal compartments. However, it is not known if long-term cumulative lead exposure is a risk factor for tooth loss. OBJECTIVES We examined the association of bone lead concentrations with loss of natural teeth. METHODS We examined(More)
INTRODUCTION Little is known about the effect of cigarette smoking cessation on risk of tooth loss. We examined how risk of tooth loss changed with longer periods of smoking abstinence in a prospective study of oral health in men. METHODS Research subjects were 789 men who participated in the Veterans Administration Dental Longitudinal Study from 1968 to(More)
Missing natural teeth have been associated with a reduced acceptability for the taste and texture of hard foods as well as with an increase in the perceived difficulty of chewing these foods. The present study examined the role of the personality variables extroversion and anxiety in modulating the relationship between dentition status, masticatory(More)
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