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This paper reviews the evidence for nicotine-induced acceleration of the internal clock when timing in the seconds-to-minutes timescale, and proposes an alternative explanation to this evidence: that nicotine reduces the threshold for responses that result in more reinforcement. These two hypotheses were tested in male Wistar rats using a novel timing task.(More)
The language areas have been classically viewed as a posterior, perceptual Wernicke's region connected with an anterior, motor Broca's area via a tract of long fibers denominated the arcuate fasciculus. Recent connectional studies in the monkey indicate that there may be few direct connections between the regions strictly corresponding to Broca's or(More)
Fuzz testing has been known for almost two decades and it is a relatively well known and documented technique among security testers and researchers today. Fuzzing is a valuable and effective mechanism for finding security vulnerabilities. The case study described in this paper is intended to give DBMS testers ideas on how to apply fuzzing techniques for(More)
Increased angiogenesis is related to boosted growth and malignancy in carcinomas. “Chronic Persistent Low-Dose Ionizing Radiation” (CPLDIR) exposure increases incidence and aggressive behavior of clear-cell renal-cell carcinoma (CCRCC). The aim was to study the biology of angiogenesis, including microvessel density (MVD), in human clear-cell renal-cell(More)
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