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The software Viplan learning system is an aid to learn about Beer's viable system model (VSM) and its application. This is done with the support of the Viplan method. The five activities of this method are explained with examples. First, it offers an approach to understand and discuss organisational identity through analysis of stakeholders. Second, it(More)
" Nature uses the limiting resource as regulator, and we – institutionally-do not, because we erroneously think that the limiting resource is cash…. The regulator is the limiting resource. " (Stafford Beer) " Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking about them. " Foreword This paper offers(More)
This paper explores the value of employing two different research methodologies, ethnomethodologically informed ethnography and management cybernetics, in the redesign of the lending process in a 'High Street' bank. These approaches may be seen as complementary in providing different and valuable 'viewpoints' on organisations 'at work', but more importantly(More)