Raul Esparza

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Meniscus had two areas with different vascular supply. Cells of the two areas and the synovium were monolayer cultivated. We analyzed the expression of genes of Col1, Col 2A, MMP-2, MMP-13, and aggrecan in a baseline state and after incubation with VEGF, TGF-β, FGF, and IGF. We found that the growth factors used produced a major increase in the MMP-13 in(More)
This study analysed the influence of bone morphogenetic protein-7 (BMP-7) on cells and meniscal structure. The effect of treatment with BMP-7 was assessed in vitro and in vivo in lesions in the avascular area of the meniscus. Cells were extracted from the outer and inner part of eight menisci of four 2-year-old merino sheep. The menisci were digested with a(More)
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