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Neuronal specification occurs at the periventricular surface of the embryonic central nervous system. During early postnatal periods, radial glial cells in various ventricular zones of the brain differentiate into ependymal cells and astrocytes. However, mechanisms that drive this time- and cell-specific differentiation remain largely unknown. Here, we show(More)
Plant root growth is affected by both gravity and mechanical stimulation (Massa GD, Gilroy S [2003] Plant J 33: 435-445). A coordinated response to both stimuli requires specific and common elements. To delineate the transcriptional response mechanisms, we carried out whole-genome microarray analysis of Arabidopsis root apices after gravity stimulation(More)
Ongoing neurogenesis in discrete sectors of the adult central nervous system depends on the mitotic activity of an elusive population of adult stem cells. The existence of adult neural stem cells provides an alternative approach to transplantation of embryonic stem cells in cell-based therapies. Owing to the limited intrinsic fate of adult stem cells and(More)
Plants sense light and gravity to orient their direction of growth. One common component in the early events of both phototropic and gravitropic signal transduction is activation of phospholipase C (PLC), which leads to an increase in inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate (InsP(3)) levels. The InsP(3) signal is terminated by hydrolysis of InsP(3) through(More)
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