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This work shows that front face fluorescence spectroscopy associated to partial least squares (PLS) calibration is a fast and simple method to assess the nutritional impact of heat treatment on milk samples. Emission spectra of tryptophan (Trp) and of advanced Maillard products (AMP) were recorded on intact milk samples non-heated and heated at seven(More)
In this paper, a methodology to evaluate the probability of false non-compliance and false compliance for screening methods, which give first or second-order multivariate signals is proposed. For this task 120 samples of 6 different kinds of milk have been measured by excitation-emission fluorescence. The samples have been spiked with different amounts of(More)
This paper describes optimization and validation of a method for sulfadiazine determination in milk samples based on sulfadiazine derivatization with fluorescamine followed by excitation-emission (fluorescence) measurement. For both the optimization and the validation, a comparison between zero-order and first-order signals has been made, showing the(More)
In this job, short-term forecasts are calculated for the Energy Price in the Electricity Production Market of Spain. The methodology used to achieve these forecasts is based on Artificial Neural Networks, which have been used succesfully in recent years in many forecasting applications. To gauge the quality of forecasts, they have been compared with those(More)
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