Ratthapong Worawongvasu

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The oral epithelia may show epithelial changes induced by the inflammation of the underlying lamina propria. Light microscopically, the epithelial changes are similar to epithelial dysplasia seen in a premalignant lesion. A scanning electron microscope permits a resolution higher than that of a light microscope. Therefore, it may elucidate the changes(More)
BACKGROUND There are no previously published reports on fibro-osseous jaw lesions in Thailand. The aims of this study were to determine the relative frequencies and the clinicopathologic features of these lesions in Thailand, and to compare these data with information available in the literature. METHODS A total of 122 cases of fibro-osseous lesions of(More)
Aspartame (NutraSweet--The NutraSweet Co., Deerfield, IL) an artificial intense sweetener, was tested for its cariogenicity alone and in the presence of sucrose. Sprague-Dawley rat pups (Charles River Laboratories, Bloomington, MA) inoculated with Streptococcus mutans were fed basal diet 2000 with one of the following added: 50% sucrose; 30% sucrose; 30%(More)
This study aimed to examine the surface characteristics of erosive enamel in extracted human teeth by scanning electron microscopy. Morphologic changes in naturally eroded enamel depend on the stages of dental erosion. In its early stages, the enamel surfaces show a honeycomb appearance due to the dissolution of enamel rod ends. In its advanced stages, the(More)
By light microscopy, the dysplastic oral epithelia due to the neoplastic processes are similar to epithelial changes due to the inflammatory processes. Scanning electron microscopy may elucidate the different surface changes between the two. The aim of this study was to examine the surface appearances of the dysplastic oral epithelia adjacent to oral(More)
The surface changes of natural incipient caries in human teeth were examined by scanning electron microscopy. Numerous small round depressions due to dissolved prism ends are observed. The prism sheaths seem to be preferentially demineralized, followed by demineralization of prism cores. Perikymata are well-pronounced. Focal holes and relatively large(More)
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