Rattasit Sukhahuta

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The development of an information extraction (IE) system for Thai documents raises a number of issues which are not important for IE in English and other European languages. We describe the characteristics of written Thai and the problem statements, and our approach to the Thai IE system. The structure of written Thai is highly ambiguous, which requires(More)
This paper describes how the analysis of the lexical structure of the words can be used translate from Thai writing to Braille printing characters. The context free grammar for Thai Braille is defined to recognize the structure of Thai words. The rules are defined according to Thai grammatical structure based on the word pattern consisting of consonant and(More)
Longan has been regarded as an important economic fruit for export of Thailand. In order to support Thai longan growers, the Thai government has set a strategic plan to enhance longan production and knowledge distribution by funding research and development, and constructing of Longan Knowledgebased System (LKS). This paper presents the construction process(More)
To set an appropriate goal of SMT research for Thai-based translation, the comparative study of potential and suitability between phrase-based translation (PBT) and hierarchical phrase-based translation (HPBT) becomes an initial question. Thai-Chinese language-pair is chosen as experimental subject since they share most of common syntactic pattern and(More)
Sophisticated medical treatment often requires multidisciplinary and a number of follow ups. This can limit the opportunity of patient who live in the remoted area to access quality and proper treatment due to the fact that healthcare services in Thailand are relatively centralized by natures. The study proposes the corroborative framework to empower local(More)
In this paper we present an approach to extracting significant events from digital documents. OpenNLP syntactical parser for English is used for generating parse trees from the sentences, followed by the extraction of events from the parse trees using tree traversal algorithms. The extraction system is developed and tested on 50 sentences from terrorism(More)
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