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Dependence analysis among software components is still a challenging issue for practitioners and researchers. We propose the representation of dependence among software components as a Component Interaction Graph (CIG). We make use of a well known data structure consisting of "two linear arrays" to represent the CIG. Based on this representation, we derived(More)
Frameworks provide large scale reuse by providing skeleton structure of similar applications. But the generality, that a framework may have, makes it fairly complex, hard to understand and thus to reuse. Frameworks have been classified according to many criteria. This paper proposes two types of framework (based on the concept of 'generality') named as:(More)
The Capability Maturity Model (proposed by SEI-CMU) does not consider Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE) principles in its considerations of levels and KPAs. It is therefore necessary to consider a model that is based on peculiarities and importance of CBSE and hence a new model under the name ICMM (Integrated Component Maturity Model) for this(More)
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