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Prediction of blast-induced flyrock in Indian limestone mines using neural networks
Frequency and scale of the blasting events are increasing to boost limestone production. Mines are approaching close to inhabited areas due to growing population and limited availability of landExpand
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Dust dispersion modeling using fugitive dust model at an opencast coal project of Western Coalfields Limited, India
This paper examines different sources of dust generation and quantifies dust emission rates from different point, area and line sources considering background dust concentration at one of theExpand
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Prediction of Blast-Induced Flyrock in Opencast Mines Using ANN and ANFIS
The aim of present study is prediction of blast-induced flyrock distance in opencast limestone mines using artificial intelligence techniques such as artificial neural network (ANN) and adaptiveExpand
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A Study of Air Pollution load assessment around opencast coal project in India
Opencast mining technology results in the release of a huge amount of air borne dust. The air borne dust peculiarly below 100 micron in size, are environmentally nuisance and cause health hazards.Expand
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A Statistical Analysis of Ambient Air Quality Around Opencast Coal Projects in Wardha Valley Coalfields, Western Coal Fields Limited, India
Total suspended particulate matter (TSPM) and respiratory particulate matter (PM10) are the main air pollutants in ambient air of opencast coal projects (CPs). The present paper focuses on theExpand
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Simultaneous prediction of blast-induced flyrock and fragmentation in opencast limestone mines using back propagation neural network
Goal of blasting operations is to achieve desired fragment size to operate the mine and plant economically while maintaining safety that includes prevention of flyrock accidents. This paper focusesExpand
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Cycle time and idle time analysis of draglines for increased productivity —A case study
In Indi a, massive opencast mines are being planned, with dragline as an excavator, to strip out large vo lumes of overburden (O/B ) at a high stripping ratio. The increased use of draglines isExpand
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Despite of technological advancement in the field of rock breakage, blasting is still an economical means of rock excavation for mining or civil engineering projects. Blasting has some environmentalExpand
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Exploring Rock–Explosive Interaction Through Cross Blasthole Pressure Measurements
The detonation of the explosive in a blasthole generates pressure to the tune of several giga-pascals that in turn drives the breakage of rockmass in several complex ways. However, nature and theExpand