Ratnesh Kumar Sharma

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Various efforts have been made in past in order to predict the underlying mechanism of pesticide-induced toxicity using in vitro and animal models, however, these predictions may or may not be directly correlated with humans. The present study was designed to investigate the carbofuran induced genotoxicity and its amelioration by vitamins C and E by(More)
During the present investigation the effect of α-tocopherol (100 μmolL(-1)) in prevention of testicular toxicity induced by atrazine in goat Capra hircus have been analyzed. Vitamin E (α-tocopherol) at dose level 100 μmolL(-1) provides attenuation over the histopathological changes generated by pesticide atrazine (100 nmolml(-1)). Small pieces(More)
BACKGROUND In Indian traditional system of medicine Celastrus paniculatus extract has been used to improve intellect, memory and for the treatment of various mental disorders. PURPOSE The present study was undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness of this medicinal plant on serum biochemistry. METHODS Ethanolic extract of seed of Celastrus paniculatus(More)
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