Ratnavathany Narayanaswamy

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The quantity of individual amino acids present in root rot disease roots of sesame are found by high performance liquid chromatography. It is a well developed technique for the separation of amino acids in biological samples. This study has been undertaken to analyse and quantify all the amino acids which are present at different levels in the samples.(More)
Cyclic voltammetry (CV) experiments on LL(AuSR *)(2) complexes [LL = diphenylphosphinomethane (dppm), diphenylphosphinopentane (dpppn); R(*) = p-SC(6)H(4)CH(3)] show anodic sweeps that broaden by about 25 mV on going from the longer (dpppn) to the shorter (dppm) bidentate phosphine ligand. Changing concentrations had no effect on the shape of the waveform.(More)
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