Ratna Dahiya

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--The Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) is considered the most popular fault detection method now a day because it can easily detect the common machine fault such as turn to turn short ckt, cracked /broken rotor bars, bearing deterioration etc. The present paper discusses the fundamentals of Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) plus condition(More)
-Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) has been successfully used for fault diagnosis in induction machines. The current spectrum of the induction machine for locating characteristic fault frequencies is used in MCSA. The spectrum is obtained using a Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) that is performed on the signal under analysis. The fault frequencies(More)
Induction motors are a critical component of many industrial processes and are frequently integrated in commercially available equipment and industrial processes. The studies of induction motor behavior during abnormal conditions, and the possibility to diagnose different types of faults have been a challenging topic for many electrical machine researchers.(More)
In this paper, Harris Corner Detector is proposed as a corner detection technique to extract palmprint features in the form of corners. Here, hamming distance similarity measurement using sliding window method is used as a feature matching method for the corners detected. The aim of using hamming distance method for corner matching is the non-dependency of(More)
The reliability of an induction motor is of paramount importance in industrial, commercial, aerospace and military applications. Bearing play an important role in the reliability and performance of all motor systems. Due to close relationship between motor system development and bearing assembly performance, it is difficult to imagine the progress of modern(More)
In today's automated world, it is always a great challenge to secure individuals personal information. Palmprint has come out to be one of the most secure and effective biometric methods to automatically identify a person's identity. It contains so many features like geometry features, principal line features, wrinkles, ridges, delta point features, texture(More)