Ratna B Basak

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The recognition and treatment of stroke in children is challenging as there are fundamental developmental differences in children compared to adults. A young boy presented with sudden weakness of right side of body followed by unconsciousness and convulsion that was not preceded by any history of fever or trauma. Neurological examination revealed upper(More)
Erythrocyte indices used to differentiate between iron deficiency anaemia (IDA) and thalassaemias have been studied mainly in countries with a high prevalence of IDA or beta-thalassaemias. This study was carried out in the United Arab Emirates where alpha-thalassaemias are prevalent. We studied the predictive value and Youden index of several indices in 85(More)
Churg-Strauss Syndrome (CSS) is rare in children. It consists of a small- and medium-sized vessel vasculitis, with skin and peripheral nerve involvement. It is characterized by eosinophilia, extravascular necrotizing granuloma, and eosinophilic infiltration of multiple organs particularly the lungs, but may also involve the gastrointestinal tract, the(More)
A 2-month-old infant presented to our emergency department with fever, altered consciousness, and focal seizures of acute onset. He had vesicular skin lesions over the right preauricular region. CT brain showed a large hypodense lesion involving the left temporo-parietal region, left basal ganglia and left thalamus. MRI brain revealed bilateral multifocal(More)
This report describes a 10-month-old infant who presented with generalised tonic clonic seizures following 2 days of vomiting, diarrhoea and a low-grade fever. The patient was moderately dehydrated and the blood investigations were remarkable for hyponatraemia (126 mEq/l), leukocytosis (19.4 × 10(3)/l (46% lymphocytes)), thrombocytosis (637 × 10(3)/l),(More)
This study was done to evaluate and to compare the efficacy of jet nebulizer and metered dose inhaler (MDI) with home-made non-valved spacer (HM NVS) to deliver aerosolized salbutamol in acute exacerbation of asthma in children. HM NVS was made by 500ml plastic mineral water bottle. It was perforated at the bottom for the insertion of MDI and proximal end(More)
A child presented with features of bacterial tracheitis with complete response to therapy. He presented with a recurrence one week later. A foreign body in the tracheal wall was diagnosed and removed by bronchoscopy. Tracheal intubation for airway management and tracheal toileting are not enough in bacterial tracheitis; bronchoscopy should be considered to(More)
As the efficacy of combined nebulized salbutamol & ipratropium bromide as well as L-adrenaline to treat acute bronchiolitis is not well studied among the Bangladeshi infants, this study was carried out to see their efficacy in acute bronchiolitis and to compare their effectiveness. This randomized clinical trial was done among 60 children aged less than 02(More)
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