Ratikant Maiti

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Xylem water potentials (C) were evaluated in browse plants such as Forestiera angustifolia (Oleaceae), Celtis pallida (Ulmaceae), Zanthoxylum fagara (Rutaceae), and Eysenhardtia texana (Fabaceae). Collections were carried out at Linares County, a semi-arid region of northeastern Mexico. C (MPa) were estimated at 10-day intervals between July 10 and(More)
Nutritional and chemical parameters with significant differences (P = 0.5) among 10 varieties of sorghum and rates observed in them were as follow: lipids (2.76 to 3.75%), raw fiber (60.0 to 64.7%) protein (9.01 to 11.43%), no nitrogen extract 977.65 to 83.07%), starch (60.5 to 64.20%), tannin (2.50 to 10.16 mg/g), and total calories (380 to 4000 Kcal). Ash(More)
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