Rati Wongsathan

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In this work, we derive the Thermal-Williams-Comstock model for the heat-assisted magnetic recording channels. The coercivity and remanent magnetization have linear relationship with the temperature. The transition width and transition centres can be obtained for various cases. Together with the microtrack model, the generation of transition response, dibit(More)
There are many routing protocols and algorithms developed for data transmission in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). The main objective of this paper is an increasing of performance and reduction of energy dissipation in WSN. In this paper, the Bacterial Evolutionary Algorithm (BEA) or Bacteriologic Algorithm (BA) is selected to compare performance with(More)
Nonlinear distortion in perpendicular magnetic recording channels is known to degrade the overall system performance. In this work, we propose two nonlinear equalizers based on neural network (NN). One involves symbol decision of received signals using a multilayer perceptronNN equalizer (MLPNNE) only, and the other includes the NN equalizer to shape(More)
This paper provides the design and simulation of photovoltaic module based charger for lead-acid battery. To maximize energy storage, the battery is charged through the integrating fuzzy logic controller (FLC) based on maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and the constant current-voltage charging (CCCV) method. The FLC is designed to directly take the(More)
The improved modification of Nicholson-Bailey model for a two species host-parasitoid system with discrete generations assumes random distributions of both hosts and parasitoids, randomly searching parasitoids, and random encounters between the individuals of the two species that improved from [1] is presented. The linearization stability analysis showed(More)
Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) is one of the leading technologies identified to enable areal density beyond 1 Tb/in of magnetic recording systems. A key challenge to HAMR designing is accuracy of positioning, timing of the firing laser, power of the laser, thermo-magnetic head, head-disk interface and cooling system. We study the effect of HAMR(More)
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