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Government Size and Economic Growth: A New Framework and Some Evidence from Cross-Section and Time-Series Data: Reply
A study of the impact of government size on economic performance and growth is important. Theoretically, one point of view suggests that a larger government size is likely to be detrimental toExpand
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Financial development and economic growth: Additional evidence
This note suggests that, contrary to the conclusions reached in several recent studies, the empirical evidence does not support the view that financial development promotes economic growth. It isExpand
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Openness, country size, and government size: Additional evidence from a large cross-country panel
A body of influential research has suggested that there is a negative association between country size and government size and between country size and openness, and these may account for theExpand
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Exports and Economic Growth in Developing Countries: Evidence from Time-Series and Cross-Section Data
  • Rati Ram
  • Economics
  • Economic Development and Cultural Change
  • 1 October 1987
An empirical assessment of the linkage between export performance and economic growth is important. Economic development is probably the most pressing issue in almost every part of the world.Expand
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Educational Expansion and Schooling Inequality: International Evidence and Some Implications
Fairly recent data for about one hundred countries indicate that as the average level of schooling increases, educational inequality first increases and, after reaching a peak, starts declining inExpand
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Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth: Evidence from Cross‐Country Data for the 1990s*
  • Rati Ram, K. Zhang
  • Economics
  • Economic Development and Cultural Change
  • 1 October 2002
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Composite indices of physical quality of life, basic needs fulfilment, and income: A ‘principal component’ representation
Abstract In the context of international comparisons, the multivariate method of ’principal components’ is suggested for computing composite indices of economic development that capture per capitaExpand
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Exports and Economic Growth: Some Additional Evidence
  • Rati Ram
  • Economics
  • Economic Development and Cultural Change
  • 1 January 1985
An assessment of the role of exports in economic growth is of obvious importance. At the theoretical level, extremely diverse positions can be taken. For instance, the standard neoclassical tradeExpand
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Wagner's Hypothesis in Time-Series and Cross-section Perspectives
Internationally comparable data on income and government expenditure for 115 countries, covering the period 1950-80, are used to assess the validity of Wagner's hypothesis. Individual countryExpand
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Military Expenditures and Economic Growth in Less Developed Countries: An Augmented Model and Further Evidence
A study of the impact of military expenditures on economic growth and development examines the differences in the results of previous studies which led to contradictory conclusions. The authors findExpand
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