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The promoter of the 780 gene of T-right [Thomashow, M., Nutter, R., Montoya, A., Gordon, M. & Nester, E. (1980) Cell 19, 729-739] from Agrobacterium tumefaciens Ti plasmid (pTi15955) was shown to contain an upstream cis-acting element (activator) having enhancer-like properties. To characterize the properties of this promoter element, it was placed in both(More)
DNA sequences involved in the expression of the agropine synthase gene (ags) of T-DNA were identified by analysis of transcriptional activity of promoter mutants in crown gall tumors of sunflower. Precise quantification of activity was achieved using a homologous reference gene as an internal standard. Analysis of 5'-deletion mutants demonstrated the(More)
In this paper a novel technique, Discrete Fourier Transformation based Image Authentication (DFTIAT) has been proposed to authenticate an image and with its own application one can also transmit secret message or image over the network. Instead of direct embedding a message or image within the source image, choosing a window of size 2 × 2 of the(More)
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