Rathinasamy Sasirekha

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Background: Endometrial sampling techniques like endometrial biopsy, Fractional curettage, Dilatation & curettage and hysteroscopy are the common gynaecological outpatient transcervical diagnostic procedures for various clinical conditions. Complications encountered during these procedures are often due to difficulties in cervical dilatation. The incidence(More)
In this paper the problem of extended dissipative state estimation for discrete-time switched complex dynamical networks (CDNs) with mixed time delays is investigated. The switching approach is based on sojourn probabilities and it is assumed that these probabilities are known aprior. One primary channel and multiredundant channels which constitute multiple(More)
This preclinical study was designed to evaluate the Antiasthmatic activity of the Siddha drug Thalaga kuligai by using in-vitro and in-vivo methods on different animal models. The asthmatic activity was evaluated by Histamine and acetylcholine induced constriction on isolated rat colon and guinea pig ileum by in-vitro method and histamine induced(More)
The web has become a resourceful tool for almost all domains today. Search engines prominently use inverted indexing technique to locate the web pages having the users query. The performance of inverted index fundamentally depends upon the searching of keyword in the list maintained by search engine. Text matching is done with the help of string matching(More)
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