Rathinam Kumaresan

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Biphasic calcium phosphate nanoparticles comprising both hydroxyapatite (HA) and beta polymorph of tricalcium phosphate (beta-TCP) have been synthesized together by a polymer matrix mediated process. The process, based on in situ mineralization of poly (vinyl alcohol), exerts a good control over the morphological features of biphasic nanoparticles. By(More)
Inhibiting Hsp90 chaperone roles using 17AAG induces cytostasis or apoptosis in tumor cells through destabilization of several mutated cancer promoting proteins. Although mitochondria are central in deciding the fate of cells, 17AAG induced effects on tumor cell mitochondria were largely unknown. Here, we show that Hsp90 inhibition with 17AAG first affects(More)
We performed an extensive study on mitochondrial dysfunction in chronic periodontitis (CP). Electron microscopic analysis of gingival cells revealed abnormal mitochondria in 60% of the patients. Mitochondrial membrane potential and oxygen consumption of gingival cells were reduced by 4 fold and 5.8 fold, respectively; whereas ROS production was increased by(More)
The nuclear localization of non-specific acid phosphatase(s) in rat vaginal epithelial cells (VEC) by histochemical and biochemical techniques has been reported in the present work. By different histochemical methods, the enzyme activity was predominantly localized in certain nuclei but not in all of them, however, within the nucleus nucleoli are free from(More)
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