Ratheeshkumar Thankappan

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CONTEXT Kerala's government health-care system functions relatively well compared with other Indian States, but utilization levels are decreasing due to lack of essential facilities. The opportunity cost of seeking medical care from the government sector is high, even for the poor, with 60-70% of the poor seeking care from the private sector and spending(More)
Gestational trophoblastic diseases (GTD) encompass a group of placental tumors which mostly arise due to certain fertilization defects, resulting in the over-proliferation of trophoblasts. The major characteristic of this diseased state is that β-hCG rises up manifold than that is observed during pregnancy. The incidence of GTD when analyzed on a global(More)
Novel chelated metal complexes were synthesized from carbohydrazones to thiocarbohydrazones using metal-based drug designing platforms and their combination effect with Pb, a naphthaquinone were analyzed for anticancer activity in breast cancer cell lines. A panel of BRCA1 wild-type and mutated breast cancer cells: MCF-7 (BRCA1+ /ER+ ), MDA-MB-231 (BRCA1+(More)
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