Ratchadawan Nimnual

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The purpose of this paper is design and construct of a PIC implementation of carbon monoxide alarm for indoor parking car. The prototype of this paper was designed on a single PIC16F877 microcontroller that performed the acquisition, processing and display of carbon monoxide (CO) data from MiCS-5132 automotive pollution gas sensor and displayed the CO data(More)
This paper presents an application of a virtual reality for packaging folding practices. The system presented an interactive folding package practice in a virtual space. A structure of virtual paper was defined in three-dimensional (3D) virtual space and was displayed on a graphic screen. The steps of folding were controlled by the system in which students(More)
The edutainment of virtual music instrument for Thai xylophone (Ranad-ek) developed under the Virtual Reality Media project, School of Information Technology, Sripatum University, Chonburi Campus. The Virtual Music Instrument (VMI) developed following a physical modeling approach, is presented, along with a classification scheme of real Ranad-ek (Thai Music(More)
The objectives of this study were to create the database for self-learning in the knowledge related to the polymer packaging for food, and to evaluate the qualities and satisfaction of the users. The information and details on polymer types and packaging types were searched to show in the database which was design using the program of MySQL, phpMyAdmin,(More)
The purposes of this research were to develop the M-learning with the application of Knowledge Management for the course in Eco-Packaging in order to find solutions to the issues of insufficient time spent for instruction in classroom, resulting in lack of proper practice, and paper waste for the design, resulting in high cost and visual assistant method(More)
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