Rata Suwantong

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Trajectory estimation during atmospheric reentry of ballistic objects such as space debris is a very complex problem due to high variations of their ballistic coefficients. In general, the characteristics of the tracked object are not accurately known and an assumption on the dynamics of the ballistic coefficient has to be made in the estimation model. The(More)
Crop yield forecasting is important either for a government, agricultural industries or a trading company for their action plans. A very important variable to be given to a crop model used for the forecast is an accurate crop cultivation date. When the area of interest is large, it is preferable to use remote sensing data such as satellite images for the(More)
Rice age estimation is an process in crop management and monitoring. In this paper, we present an approach for estimating age of rice on satellite image using support vector regression technique. The advantage of using support vector regression is that it is non-parametric technique. Therefore, any age model is not required. Moreover, the support vector(More)
Space debris tracking during atmospheric re-entry is a very complex problem due to high variations with time of the ballistic coefficient. The nature of these variations is generally unknown and an assumption has to be made in the estimation model which can result in high model errors. An estimator which is robust against model errors is therefore required.(More)
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