Rasul Mohammadi

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—In this paper, we investigate fault diagnosis and diagnosability in hybrid systems modeled by hybrid automata. Generally, in hybrid systems, there are discrete sensors generating discrete outputs available at the discrete-event system representation of the system and continuous sensors generating continuous outputs available at the continuous dynamics. We(More)
—We have presented a framework in [6] for fault diagnosis of hybrid systems modeled by hybrid automata and investigated the diagnosability of failure modes in hybrid au-tomata. In this framework, we assume that there is a bank of residual generators designed for the continuous dynamics of the system. We have developed a hybrid diagnosis approach in which(More)
We use adaptive cubic spline functions to develop a numerical method for solving a class of singular perturbation two-point boundary value problems. The scheme derived in this method is second order accurate. Convergence of the method is shown. The resulting linear system of equations has been solved by using a tri-diagonal solver. Numerical examples are(More)
We consider the self-adjoint singularly perturbed two-point boundary value problems. We know that the numerical methods for solution of such problems based on non-polynomial spline in grid points, can produce the fourth order method only. So that we look for an alternative to obtain higher order methods. We develop the non-polynomial spline in off-step(More)
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