Rassil B Ghazzaoui

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Most drugs of abuse lead to a general blunting of dopamine release in the chronic phase of dependence, which contributes to poor outcome. To test whether cannabis dependence is associated with a similar dopaminergic deficit, we examined striatal and extrastriatal dopamine release in severely cannabis-dependent participants (CD), free of any comorbid(More)
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) has a profound impact with a high disease burden. In order to truly understand the scope of the effect OCD has on the patient population, one must take into account not only the relentless symptoms beleaguering the patients but also examine their overall ability to enjoy their life. Quality of life (QOL)(More)
OBJECTIVE Health-related quality of life (HRQoL) has become an increasingly important measure of research and treatment outcomes across all medical specialties. However, to date, there has not been an in-depth review of research relevant specifically to HRQoL in the populations of children and adolescents with cancer. In this review, the authors examine the(More)
Low striatal dopamine D2/3 receptor (D2/3) availability and low ventrostriatal dopamine release have been observed in alcoholism, cocaine and heroin dependence. Multiple studies to date have examined D2 availability in cannabis dependence and have consistently failed to demonstrate alterations. In addition, the response of the dopamine system to an(More)
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