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Perspectives for tests of neutrino mass generation at the GeV scale: Experimental reach versus theoretical predictions
We discuss the parameter space reach of future experiments searching for heavy neutral leptons (HNLs). We consider the GeV seesaw model with three HNL generations and focus on two classes of models:Expand
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Astrophysical neutrinos flavored with beyond the Standard Model physics
We systematically study the allowed parameter space for the flavor composition of astrophysical neutrinos measured at Earth, including beyond the Standard Model theories at production, duringExpand
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Bottom-Up Discrete Symmetries for Cabibbo Mixing
We perform a bottom-up search for discrete non-Abelian symmetries capable of quantizing the Cabibbo angle that parameterizes CKM mixing. Given a particular Abelian symmetry structure in the up andExpand
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Implications of physics beyond the Standard Model in the quark and lepton sectors
The Standard Model (SM) of particle physics is a well-tested and predictive theory, being celebrated as one of the most successful models in newer time. However, non-zero neutrino masses, theExpand