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This paper presents a comprehensive survey on the literature considering round robin tournaments. The terminology used within the area has been modified over time and today it is highly inconsistent. By presenting a coherent explanation of the various notions we hope that this paper will help to obtain a unified terminology. Furthermore, we outline the(More)
This paper presents a hybrid IP/CP algorithm for designing a double round robin schedule with a minimal number of breaks. Both mirrored and non-mirrored schedules with and without place constraints are considered. The algorithm uses Benders cuts to obtain feasible home-away pattern sets in few iterations and this approach leads to significant reductions in(More)
A quite common practice, even in academic literature, is to simplify a decision problem and model it as a cost-minimizing problem. In fact, some type of models has been standardized to minimization problems, like Quadratic Assignment Problems QAPs, where a maximization formulation would be treated as a " generalized " QAP and not solvable by many of the(More)
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