Rasmus Stenholt

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Tracking technologies are becoming an affordable commodity due to the wide use in mobile devices today. However, all tracking technologies available in commodity hardware is error prone due to problems such as drift, latency and jitter. The current understanding of human perception of static tracking errors is limited. This information about human(More)
Visual exploration of clouds of data points is an important application of virtual environments. The common goal of this activity is to use the strengths of human perception to identify interesting structures in data, which are often not detected using traditional, computational analysis methods. In this article, we seek to identify some of the parameters(More)
In virtual reality, stereo graphics is a very common way of increasing the level of perceptual realism in the visual part of the experience. However, stereo graphics comes at cost, both in technical terms and from a user perspective. In this paper, we present the preliminary results of an experiment to see if stereo makes any quantifiable, statistically(More)
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